Random Sunday

For a long time I’ve been thinking that I should have a ‘filler’ post, something that keeps me in touch especially when I’m having a dry patch with reviews.  I’m inspired by so many brilliant regular posts that I see, but I can’t decide what mine should be about, I have decided though that it’s time to stop thinking and time to get on with it. So no themes to start with just a miscellany of indulgent randomness that hopefully will build into something of a scrapbook and maybe a pattern will start to emerge.

In my recent review This Side Of Paradise I mentioned that Amory Blaine included Edward Carpenter in his list of forward thinkers and that he was one of my hero’s too, so my first random post is going to be:

Edward Carpenter 1844-1929

ed carpenter signed

Social reformer, poet and writer Edward Carpenter was a pioneering supporter of womens rights and an early campaigner for gay rights. Strongly influenced by Walt Whitman, his home which he shared with his life long partner George Merrill became an informal refuge and is where E.M. Forster was inspired to write Maurice.

A market gardener he railed against pollution and helped to coin the phrase ‘the simple life’. After visiting India he became a passionate advocate for sandals, he made his own and in this photograph taken in 1905 by Alfred Mattinson, I think rocks the socks and sandals look!

ed carpenter 2

 I discovered Edward Carpenter through reading about his friend and fellow Fabian Olive Schreiner and not long afterwards saw this painting by Roger Fry at the National Portrait Gallery in London. 

ed carpenter 1894

Painted in oils in 1894 Fry has painted his close friend in his ‘anarchist overcoat’.  

11 thoughts on “Random Sunday

  1. I agree – just dive in and go for it and you’ve come up trumps. Fascinating stuff here; he was at the vanguard of so many things. Personally I think Roger Fry’s portrait could be improved if the shiny brogues were replaced. Anarchist overcoat and sandals! I wonder what next Sunday will bring 😀

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  2. Thank you Sandra, I’m not sure when another random will be – I don’t seem to be able to plan anything, although I have recently found the schedule button! I know, I think it’s a bit of a shame about the sandals, since they were so important to him but there we go. . .

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  3. You’ve made up for the lack of sandals in the portrait by including such a splendid portrayal here 😊 And I do understand – planning is my nemesis on the blog. As soon as I plan, things start to unravel. It’s meant to be fun and not meant to feel like an obligation – I have to remind myself of that regularly. I do use the schedule button although rarely for more than a day or two ahead. Wouldn’t it nice to be scheduled for a few weeks! Can’t see that happening for me at least!

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