A Film For July: Elephant

elephant 2

Written and directed by Gus Van Sant, Elephant chronicles the events of an ordinary day in a fictional high school in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon – a day when two of the students carry out a shooting based in part on the Columbine High School Massacre.

Using new and unprofessional actors who largely keep their own names, the characters are introduced by name and then followed through their day but in a fragmented style that goes over the same events but from multiple points of view. The camera catches up with the students as they walk along corridors, meet up in the cafeteria or the locker room or the library and we hear snatches of frivolous, inane conversations which are often quite funny. Of course we feel tense because we know what’s going to happen and an early scene of the gunmen walking towards the school, before the camera skips off to show another group, is an example of how we can try and piece the fragments together to build up some sort of time line; but what’s extraordinary is the blankness.

Gus Van Sant seems to be subverting all the usual Hollywood modes of behaviour that we have come to expect. There’s no beginning, middle or end, no heroes and no heightened music to prepare us for what’s coming. There’s no attempt at an explanation for the senseless violence, there’s no lingering, nothing is pumped up or overdramatic, and the killers have no remorse, bitterness or any obvious emotion.john

I read that the title comes from a documentary made by Alan Clarke in 1989 about Northern Ireland and the ubiquitous violence that is ‘the elephant in the living room’ – here it’s the bedroom that has pictures of elephants which seems a morbid twist on the youth of the killers.

Elephant won the Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003 and Gus Van Sant was named Best Director.  I couldn’t find this on any streaming service so had to watch on  DVD, it’s 80 or so minutes long and is incredibly effective in its shockingly stark mundanity.

8 thoughts on “A Film For July: Elephant

  1. I am intrigued. I like the sound of a lot of the ways in which this isn’t typical, but I admit the subject matter is a bit of a block. It sounds like something I ‘should’ watch, and I usually get to those by accident rather than design. Perhaps I shouldn’t have admitted that!

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    1. It isn’t a film I would have chosen to watch but I’m glad I’ve seen it, I certainly won’t forget it but not because of any gratuitously shocking entertainment value. I do recommend it, but I did feel ‘prepared’ before I watched.

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  2. Sounds pretty powerful and I rather like the idea of the lack of explanation, since of all crimes school shootings always seem to be the most senseless. But somehow, because we see so many of them in the real world, I’m not sure if I have the heart to watch a film about one.

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    1. It’s interesting isn’t it to ask why or if we need films like this when we are so appalled by these crimes when they happen? I think that question is partly behind his making of the film and I suppose is also why its winning the Palme d’Or was so controversial at the time (some critics said he was irresponsible). Something to think about.

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