Ten Books of Summer

I’m so pleased to be joining in with the 20 or 15 or 10 Books of Summer challenge hosted by Cathy at 746books, it’s just the excuse I need to pick up some of the titles that have been looking at me from my TBR pile.

The challenge is to read the chosen titles between June 1st and September 1st and I’m completely buying into the relaxed atmosphere by only signing up to read 10 and thinking that even these could change as the weeks go by.

Looking at the list now The Female Man looks a bit out on a limb, Science Fiction is not usually my thing at all, but there we go. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all turn into British Library Crime Classics anyway!

22 thoughts on “Ten Books of Summer

  1. Loved the list, probably beccause I could have put this one together myself, as it contains so many titles and authors I like or would like to read. Regrading the ones I’ve actually read: “Swann’s Way” was wonderful BUT it did take several unsuccessful attempts before I could get into it (Proust was one of my personal challenges for many years!). I haven’t read “Gilead” although I’ve read two others by Robinson, “Housekeeping” (an early one) and “Lila,” which comes towards the end of her Gilead series. Both were beautifully written and clearly the products of a great talent; “Housekeeping” I didn’t personally like at all (probably a minority view) and “Lila” I loved, so much so I now want to read the whole series. “Far Cry” i read many years ago, in a Persephone edition; I remember it as a pleasant but not memorable reading experience.
    I love Forster. Although I haven’t gotten to “Maurice” I do have his “Longest Journey” on the shelf just crying out for a summer’s read. (its cries this summer will probably go unanswered!) Mansfield is a writer I’ve always intended to explore further (I’ve only read a short story or two) but we all know what happens to many of those good reading intentions, don’t we? Pat Barker is a favorite, mostly because of her Regeneration Trilogy. I have a copy her “Silence of the Girls” but even though I enjoy new interpretation of myths and folklore, I can’t quite bring myself to read it as I recall too clearly what happened to most of the female characters in the Iliad. I do like sci-fiction and read some Joanna Russ back in the day, but somehow missed “The Female Man;” not sure how I’d like it now.
    As for your crime fiction — they both look wonderful! I have a whole stack of these BL Golden Age crime novels just waiting for the right afternoon.
    Happy reading! I look forward to the reviews!

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    1. Thank you! I haven’t read anything by Marilyn Robinson and didn’t know until today that Gilead was a series, but I’ve recently read some great reviews of her books so I’m hoping it’s going to be good, I love getting involved in a series! I find Pat Barker amazing, her books are so varied. I read Union Street first and then the Regeneration Series, some of her others I’m not so keen on but I do like a reworking of myths so I’m hopeful! Well I have lots of good intentions, now I need the sun to shine and a comfy seat in the garden!

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  2. I hope you will enjoy all of them including the science fiction novel. Good to see someone with more moderate ambitions πŸ˜‰ I’ve always found 20 books during the summer unrealistic (although it seems a lot of bloggers do manage it).

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  3. Haha, a summer of British Library Crime Classics sound wonderful! I’ve only read two on your list, The Sussex Downs Murder which, as you know, I was kinda meh about, and Gilead, which I thought was superb! One of these days I must read her other books… one of these days…

    Have a great summer of reading! πŸ˜€

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  4. Thank you FF, The Sussex Downs Murder just sounds so summery! I’m glad you say that about Gilead, I didn’t realise Marilyn Robinson was so huge until recently and then I saw one on my shelf so I have to give it a go!


  5. I’ve read the first two on your list — the Wharton and the Mansfield – and both were excellent. Perfect reading for the season, I think. The Garden Party collection felt surprisingly modern for its time, not only in style but in themes too.

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    1. They certainly sound like perfect summer reading! The Mansfield collection has been sitting around for years, I don’t quite know what’s put me off reading them, odd!


  6. I may have false memory syndrome here but I’m almost certain I’ve read The Garden Party in the 1970s, though no incidents or images come to mind! Nevertheless, I have a collection of her short stories which I’m determined to get to in due course. I’ve heard of but not read about half of the titles on your list so I’m looking forward to your assessments as a guide to what I might tackle in time. πŸ™‚

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  7. I do enjoy science fiction but sometimes struggle with the classics, they can be a bit outdated in ways that can be jarring for things that are meant to be about the future! I loved The Silence of the Girls, hope you enjoy your summer reading!

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