Random Tuesday

On a walk through the woods, I passed my favourite tree

which is a beech growing in front of an oak

When you look up, you can see that the trunks have become completely entwined, quite spookily I think.

And underneath was this perfect pair of Magpie Inkcaps, first identified in 1785 by French mycologist Jean Baptiste François Pierre Bulliard. Although they’re not uncommon they are usually solitary, so I was lucky to see a pair.

‘One for Sorrow, Two for Joy’

19 thoughts on “Random Tuesday

    1. I was looking at them again today, from different angles it could be a hug or a strangle, the branches are like tentacles and look quite menacing. Could be the inspiration for a scary children’s story (the kind you got in the ’60’s)

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  1. oh thank you! I did post a few Random posts in previous years (there’s a random miscellany tag in my cloud bubble tag thing) but in 2021 it just didn’t seem to happen, I’ll try and make more of an effort this year!


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