Just Watching A Film


After taking up Roof Beam Readers challenge to read 12 books in 12 months from my TBR pile, I thought why stop at books?  I’ve got all sorts of things I’m always wanting to do and never get around too.  A whole new notebook full of lists has been made and one of them is 12 films I really should watch. I asked a couple of movie buffs to help me put together a list and this is it, my To Be Watched challenge.  To be watched in chronological order:

  1.  The General (1926 USA)
  2. M (1931 Germany)
  3. Citizen Kane (1941 USA)
  4. Double Indemnity (1944 USA)
  5. Late Spring (1949 Japan)
  6. Umbrella’s of Cherbourg (1964 France)
  7. Withnail and I (1987 UK)
  8. Cinema Paradiso (1988 Italy)
  9. Before Sunrise and Sunset (1995, 2004 USA)
  10. In The Mood For Love (2000 Hong Kong)
  11. Mulholland Drive (2001 USA)
  12. Bad Education (2004 Spain)

Withnail and I and Cinema Paradiso were my contributions.  I don’t know anything about cinema, but I’m going to write a line or two after each viewing just for the fun of it!

5 thoughts on “Just Watching A Film

  1. No, love the questions! They made a long list of films they thought were culturally important (and had enjoyed!) and then tried to break it down to ones they thought represented film history as broadly as possible. Also ones I hadn’t already seen and would hopefully enjoy! I’m just watching when the mood takes me (because I want to concentrate) and yes, I think I will do another list. Maybe from some countries that aren’t in this list. Or I could have a seasonal theme, and include Christmas in Connecticut – I haven’t forgotten I must watch it!


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